Graham Greene’s “A Gun for Sale.”

Graham Greene’s “A Gun for Sale’ is quite entertaining, well written, and gripping from beginning to the end.

Raven, the main character, is a hit man. He carries out the execution of the Minister of War and in so doing also kills his secretary who happens to be still at work when he arrives and is a witness to the killing.

The repercussions of the murders goes way beyond what anyone might imagine, and puts the country on the brink of war. Raven, is the type of man, who asks no questions. He is hired, carries out the job, is paid and disappears, except this time he is paid with stolen, marked, money.

Raven, is an ugly man, with a hare-lip. He’s an outcast, without a friend, leading a lonely life whose only real affection is for a cat who doesn’t look or see him as a deformed creative. He is the character that carries the story and through chance encounters, dreams, and reflections we come to understand and sympathize with him on all levels, but especially as a man who lives with a deformity that society shuns and little children look away in horror.

I enjoyed this book very much. It’s a wonderful mystery but, more than that, it is the depiction and study of a human being who at first we abhor but with greater understanding we come to have great compassion for.

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