W. Somerset Maugham’s “The Magician”

W. Somerset Maugham’s “The Magician” starts off slowly, leaden with plenty of ancient Greek and latin phrases, but after this short introduction this story moves like an out-of-control freight train.
To say that it is gripping would be an understatement. It is fascinating and engrossing, pitting science against black magic, good against evil, and the egocentric nature of certain men to believe that they possess the power of Gods.

The character of Oliver Haddo, an extremely obese and ever growing individual with layers of fat hanging from his chin and with eyes that seem to look right through you, is quite an unforgettable individual. He is The Magician and, his character, put into the hands of a less talented writer than Mr. Maugham would have appeared like nothing more than a grotesque caricature. But, in the hands of an extremely talented writer he comes off as a most dangerous and mysterious character that is the center and heartbeat of the story.

This book is exceptionally well written, and except for the burdensome few pages at the beginning, can easily be read in one sitting. If you are interested in the supernatural or simply a wonderful piece of storytelling I strongly recommend this book.

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