Anne Bronte’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hill.”

Anne Bronte’s “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall” is a wonderful, gripping, suspenseful, and beautifully constructed novel. The writing is lucid and clear. The characters are richly developed and the main storyline is tantalizing. Helen Graham, a mysterious and angelic character, is so totally brutalized by her husband, Arthur, that she is forced to runaway with her five year old son and her friend and servant, Rachel.

The marital abuse is so detailed, real, and shocking that it actually had this reader reeling in pain and agony for the heroine. Like Ms. Bronte’s “Agnes Grey” the portrayal of women in Victorian England is a very sad and disturbing commentary of how poorly females were treated and looked down upon during this era. Sadly, 175 years later, this novel is as relevant as ever.

I loved this novel. It was gripping from the very first pages to the last pages.

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